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Broken @Loudink


By Musakanya Chisanga.


Am lost in my own mind.

I search day and night where my heart hides.

I’ve become cold, hostile


Converse with the demons that walk beside.

I embrace their presence as day becomes night and night my reason for lost sight.

Am called by my past, it whispers to my ears

As a heart, does to its lover, desperately clinging to my soul,


Am weak, can’t even speak or utter a squeak,

I don’t want to turn back to the old me, the dark me, the real me,

At least I thought it was,

And maybe pain was just meant for me.


Even as I write, hiding away the hurt,

covering it with a smile painted with the colour of love,

Wait, wake up and slowly my head rises from the bed,

Eyes wide open, no one by my side, Where I lay,

The grave of my past, present, and future,

Dear me, rest in peace and don’t cry for the broken pieces.



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