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Blessings - Official Post Cover @ loudink


Euniy Kalos shares her song Blessings

Blessings; is songs speaks about how God covered all costs of one’s life by the shading of His Son’s blood and how on a daily basis through His unfailing love even in our unfaithfulness and weaknesses we are strengthened in the trials we come across and by His grace we are changed and blessed.



Blessings - Official Cover @ loudink





Euniy kalos,


Hey yo three, you gotta listen.



It’s been a while coming,

Lot of nights dawning,

Mingled ’round the pitch, held my feet, now am balling,

Yo, you can take ’em notes, um_ girl kinda scoring,

I was hiding in my shadow when twitter birds mocking,

Am_ heat behind the smoking,

Art beyond the broken-

Pieces that you watching,

Am pretty in my stitching,

I had to realize it, really had to understand that,

Blessings in my hand replace the voices that I heard,

Conforming my body to be subject of His grace,

To see what He sees when He stares at my face,

Why_He gave the Son to come surrender in my place,

How deep, how wide, how sleek is His love?

Am Judas to the core and yet His sticking to the cause,

Painting up my life putting lanterns in my road,

Ya’ll check that blessing huh he graced it.



Yo Lord, yo Lord uoooo!

You covered up the cost too,

I’m sinking in these, blessings, blessings

You blessed me with the stars times two, ×2


Verse 2

You did, you do, bless times two,

Pulled me from the grave with my bones dry to,

You hold me harder, tighter to your chest when I mess up,

You never slip my hand when am calling to you father,

I blossom out the concrete when you pouring out your aqua

And holding out your hand I tamanga to be closer,

When folks talk of me as a default,

I will take a hold on to your hand I will not fall

Life getting harder, time getting tougher,

You testing out my faith in a moment I will recover

How deep, how wide, how sleek is your love?

Am Judas to the core and yet you sticking to the cause

Painting up my life, putting lanterns in road,

So, when you hit me up I will answer to your call (check it out)


Back to Chorus



There is nothing that you will not do,

Picking up the broken you will make them new,

Blessing over blessing that is only, you you you,

You you you, you you ×2


Back to Chorus


Bridge fade out…


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