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beyond her eyes - Poem @ Loudink


By Matambo Andrea B

“I had no program in the Citie;

I only came to see you, Sweetie.”

Felt right to toss reason off the window

And make love to this doll right on my door.


Patiently peruse pages in a Poet’s diary.

We just landed on the shore from a quarrel when she said to me:

“Boy you better be grateful. You the only one who eats it raw.”

Felt more privileged, more blessed than Alice in the Rabbit hole.


But you see lousy lies in her eyes.

Tell me: Should you die for these thighs?

Flashbacks, looking back in the grand garden of Eden.

Somewhere in these curves you lost your keys to Heaven.


Lost your dad in this mud too.

Lord, what’s a man to do?

Please do not let history rhyme.

But again -what’s life if you can’t have a good time?

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