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Svibho’s Beatz

Tatenda Shamu or better known as Svibho’s Beatz is an upcoming Zimbabwean producer, rapper and a dancer based in Harare.

Svibho’s Beatz works at improving his skills daily!!!

-Tatenda Shamu-

Growing up, Tatenda loved dancing and performed at various places but mostly at school. This was before he discovered that he had other talents such as making music. He started making music in 2016 when he was living in Gweru for a short time when he came across a software called Fruit Loops. Throughout the year he worked on improving his production skills and also in that year he performed at Miss MSU 2016 with a dance group called Florix Dance Crew. In 2017 he met another producer named Passion who helped him further improve his music.

In January 2018 Svibho’s Beatz released his debut single titled “Ksagoduki” which he collaborated with another artist called Anele Muzi.


Recent Works

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