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Phinix is a Zambian Poet Born and raised in the heart of Lusaka city, Phinix began singing at a young age while in Primary School. He triggered his songwriting ability when he was in the sixth grade at the humble age of 9. It was at this same age that, as his love for Hip-Hop grew, that he discovered that he could rap.

When I truly understood the principles of Christianity I applied the concept of the Phoenix to the life of a Christian; When we get saved, we die with Christ and are born again in spirit!!!

-Bupe Phinix Kalokoni-

He got saved at a young age and so He always attended Church. He tends to say, with a smile on his face, that plagiarism is how he started to write raps. However, it wasn’t until 2010, while in the ninth grade that he started to record his music in his bedroom. He released a mix-tape which he distributed to his classmates. Towards the end of 2010, he came across the mythology of the Phoenix Bird. A Phoenix is mythical bird that burns itself to ashes every 100 years and then rises from its ashes in renewed youth and strength. Consequently, the Phoenix burning itself to ashes symbolizes us dying to sin and rising in Christ in renewed youth and strength.


I actually used to call myself ‘Phoenix’ but then there are just so many companies/products/bands/places/people etc named Phoenix so I decided to change the spelling to Phinix.”


Recent Works

Crash and Burn

20/20 Vision

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