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Musenga L. Katongo also known as MessenJah is a witty and unapologetic introverted author, spoken word artist, hip hop artist, blogger and entrepreneur with a rhythmic and charismatic edge to his spoken word poetry style.

MessenJah intends to use every part of himself for the glory of God and live out the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. He wishes to leave a legacy that will transform the entire country and world at large… He is a big dreamer!!!

-Musenga L. Katongo-

Born on 30th October, 1998, and raised in Lusaka, Zambia, MessenJah’s poetic journey first began by developing a passion for hip hop at the age of 10. In 2014, he and two individuals he is so close to he calls brothers formed ‘ConQuest’ which is a trio of poets and hip hop artists. It was then that he began to minister through poetry.

He released his first free poetry eBook entitled Memento Mori in 2017 and later that year emerged victorious in the 5th annual Bittersweet Ultimate Poetry Slam and was officially Crowned BitterSweet Poetry Slam Champion 2017 .

Since then he has work has been featured in an international literary magazine such as Writers Space Africa; had the opportunity to represent Zambia at the African Cup of  Slam Poetry held in Chad and in Zimbabwe as part of the British Council project dubbed ‘DigiPoems’. He has also shared the stage and opened for international spoken word poets namely American poets Ezekiel Azonwu and Joseph Solomon.

He runs a social media and youth centred campaign called ‘#BeRemembered’ which is meant to get young people thinking about the kind of legacy they want to leave behind that’ll benefit the people around them. Through the ongoing campaign he has so far successfully conducted a three month long church tour and headlined two poetry shows.

He is currently an executive member of a non-profit arts organisations called The Cliquerz which seeks to influence popular culture with Christ-like values and is a performance coach who has taught poetry classes in multiple high schools and as well as worked with NGOs such as UP Zambia to teach juveniles about poetry and creative expression.

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Recent Works

Be Remembered

Memento Mori

Poems by MessenJah

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      The Poor Happy Monkey Flips Again                                           Read Poem

      Woe to he who is imperfect                                                              Read Poem

      119 Year Old Fathers Child                                                               Read Poem

      Colour                                                                                                       Read Poem

      Love while You Still Can                                                                    Read Poem

      Horizontal Dungeon                                                                           Read Poem

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