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John Philemon Lunda also known as JT5 (John The Fifth chapter) is a young Zambian gospel Rapper/Spoken word artist/songwriter, The last born in a family of Eight. Born and raised from the Copperbelt currently in the capital city of the country; Lusaka.

I vow to bring you good music..!!!

-John Philemon Lunda-

Curious about life, he discovered his musical talent at the age of 12 as he was introduced to rap battles by his friends on the Copperbelt. Since then he had been practicing the art. From rapping about cars he doesn’t have, money he has not, girls he’s afraid to talk to.

He had a life changing experienced when he lost his mum from hypertension in the year 2014 on the 25th of May. That moment drained him to the point where he withdrew from everything he was once passionate about, music inclusive. He was so attached to his mother that he even contemplated suicide thinking that was the way to being with her. They say time heals all wounds, with Jay it was a different case, for it took the one who created it (time) to heal him.

Mad at himself and at God, for two years he couldn’t write any song until his 11th grade when he got introduced to Poetry and so he sought to find comfort in Poetry, he grew from that. Got back to writing raps while practicing Poetry and that experience brought about a twist in his lyrics and decided to deliver life changing music.

He is currently pursuing a career in Public health. He is looking forward to working with the likes of Lecrae,KB, Pompi, Mag44, Sticka, Church, M7,Reuben, Chileshe Bwalya, Esther Chungu,Trinah etc.

Recent Works


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The Fifth Chapter (EP)

Heart of God

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