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Jeff Icon is a spoken word artist based in Lusaka, Zambia. He is an extroverted down to earth introvert with a charming smile. Born in the city of Ndola on the Copperbelt on 20th April 1994, he moved to Mansa in 2005 where he grew up. He was exposed to expressive art through Hip-hop by my cousin who was in Secondary School then. The lifestyle the rappers depicted was eye catching, the: bling bling, money, cars, which teen wouldn’t want to have that?

I’m learning and growing and I promise to impact the world with my art.

Jefferson Kapasa

His first exposure to spoken word poetry was when He was about 15 years old, a poet in the person of Collins Chanda gave him some words to recite at a major event and the execution was flawless for a newbie. He later encountered work by Propaganda who inspires him, inspired by just the way he attacks the conventional culture off course for positive reasons.

His interest to write spoken word poetry grew much more than ever in 2014, when he read a Rhapsody of Realities by Pastor Chris and he had a strong urge just to express how he felt after reading a topic titled Christ our Life. Locally He is inspired by the likes of Destro, Genesis, Luka, Malach, Messenjah to mention a few.

His love for poetry has grown so much especially with the frequent encounters on the famed show the Poets Forum on UNZA Radio 91.7fm. *Watch him Perform*

Recent Works

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My Culture

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