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James is a Zambian poet based in Lusaka. He graduated from Chongwe Secondary School in 2014 and is a Public Relations Professional.

One to many times, I forget about the three: me, myself and I, and that makes them say am a ‘gee’. That’s easy, that’s why I have no limits!!!

-James Kanyanta-

James Started Writing Poems just after secondary school and from then to date the mic has been his closest friend. In 2016 he joined Young Voices Zambia (a program under Loudink that gives a platform and voice to the young people) which helped him develop and build on his art form and give him a platform to deliver his gift to others.  From a humble background, he uses his poetry to speak out on issues that not only affect him but the nation and world at large. From the beauty of the next door neighbor, the dark skin girl to the other side of life In Africa, politics, war ethnicity etc.

James’ poetry is full of creative and innovative witty versed punchlines, metaphors and wordplay bringing something fresh and punchy to the world of words. James adds to the art of poetry a wowing display of electric feeling and taste that has been less explored with a touch of sincerity and honesty.

His poetry and poetic lines will leave you deep in thought, making you snap and scratch at the same time. James will make you have a “bond” with poetry, so expect his lines to have that “double 07” (007)


Recent Works

Tears Of The Nation

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