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ConQuest is a trio of passionate Poets/Rappers on a quest to use their abilities to the glory of God, to overcome and trample over scorpions and snakes and to preach the gospel of salvation and truth.

We have a unique way of delivery according to what has been bestowed on to us by God. And all we do is to the glory of God and not any man


The group comprises of RealtOk, B.Millz and MessenJah. Driven by Job 32:18 and Romans 8:37 that states in part “because I’m filled with things to say, and my spirit within me compels me to speak; and “We are more than Conqurers.” The trio came together in 2014 at Matero Boys’ Secondary School and a friendship among individuals with common interests transformed into a brotherhood centered on ministry and mutual growth.


Each of the members of the group are blessed and talented with different gifts which complement them individually and in their collective ministry.

Recent Works

Done It


  • Done It                                                                                  Download Done it Done It


We Came To ConQuer (Remix)


We Came To ConQuer

Lesa Apale (God Bless)

Your Love

  • Your Love                                                                                  Download for Free Your Love

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