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Bwalya Milunga

Born on the 3rd of March Bwalya Milunga is a Zambian writer, rapper and spoken word poet whose grown up in Lusaka, Zambia. Milunga is a Christian and started this walk when he encountered the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He strives to look at the world using God’s lens, the Word.

I know what a powerful medium music is, and I also know that music not only has the power to touch hearts but can also provide healing for people. Music is that gift from God that adds a unique color to life!!!

-Bwalya Milunga-

Bwalya fell in love with hip-hop music in the year 2011 but started writing his own lyrics in the year 2014. In the same year (2014), he developed an interest in the art known as spoken word poetry and further wanted to continue his music journey such that he formed a group with two of his friends which is now known as ConQuest. ConQuest does both music and spoken word poetry. Bwalya and his friends would perform and minister during school days at his former school, Matero Boys’ Secondary School.

Bwalya listens to different types of music and loves to be creative with the sound of his music. He has a desire to encourage, communicate and inspire through his artistic work. He Runs a Blog called The Canvas and He believes that:

An artist can take life’s different seasons and situations, and create something beautiful that people can relate to or resonate with. An artist can make something personal and therapeutic, but find that other people can also connect to it. People truly connect to hope, transparency, honesty and vulnerability when presented in an artistic way because art can touch hearts deeply. Also, as people, we are drawn to the authenticity in what is being communicated. The authenticity comes from how real something is to you. This realness in art can be based on experiences. Addressing something you have gone through, and giving direction in the end, can touch you in ways different from somebody just saying it plainly.

Recent Works

Random Thoughts Medley

W.I.D.U Remix


    • W.I.D.U                                                            Download WIDU W.I.D.U

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