AFRICAN FREEDOM DAY by Nicholas Kawinga

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AFRICAN FREEDOM DAY by Nicholas Kawinga

AFRICAN FREEDOM DAY by Nicholas Kawinga

For great men
And women of Africa

We salute you…
Heroes of our independent Africa

We sing you a joy
For this our liberated Africa

Africa our beloved Mother land
Liberated Her from the colonial yoke
Lets we harvest our art
Our identity, our wealth, our hope
Lets we African daughters and sons thrive
Lets we your peoples rejoice

Africa of rich culture
We preserve you…

Long live mother Africa
As your succulent breasts
Feed us with joy and peace
Long live your heritage
For our heart is one
Africa of song and dance

We embrace you…
Poeticize our carvings

Fully create your art
Great women and men of valor
We remember you
For the precious blood shed you
That of this freedom we drink
Long live Africa
Long live our culture
Long live peoples of Art.

Nicholas Kawinga

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