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Africa At The Dinner Table

By Lwito

So I closed my ends to old ends, and I was open to new revelations.

Underneath the darkness of my eyelids I was able to see.

I saw giants, seven giants on a house farm,

Their faces unfamiliar to me, but there skin color different from another.

As I moved about unseen, they entered the farm house and sat at a round dinner table to eat.

I have never seen such a place before, I said to myself.

Such detail in the room, food carefully cooked by the best.

Being served by a very charismatic black waiter, entertained them as they ate.

In the midst of their dinner I wallowed about, and to my surprise,

There was no black man among them all, but the waiter.

I was filled with rage that was quickly disturbed by a soft knock at the door.

My mind quickly swayed from the thought of having no man of color to represent black people at this fine dinner where all giants of the world ate.

The black waiter quickly went and opened the door, and in stepped a black woman.

So beautiful with silky hair, her neck not spared of the finest diamond chain, and heals that made her look like a giant too.

As she walked in, all the giants stopped to watch her move.

However, I was taken aback, seeing in her hands she held a broom and a dustbin

And has she sat down to eat, all the giants stood to leave as they had finished their meal, then instructed her to pray before she ate.

I lustfully looked at her, as she ate this nice meal,

How I felt nice that An African was there.

As she finished her meal, she knelt down to sweep all that was left and placed them carefully in the bin to take home with her, and walked out.

As I walked out with her there was a sea of black people with baskets filled with fresh foods flocking to the farm house.

And my eyes opened.

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