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About The Woman

By Mashewa Ntele


About the woman, I will marry,

You can ask my mother,

She will be dark and lovely.


Beautifully bronzed by the African sun,

Even when atop her head, she misses a crown,

In my eyes, she will be queen.


She will be a fierce warrior,

A lover, A conqueror,

And men will stand drooling over her…

Beauty because her beauty will be deeply rooted in her culture.


Into my imperfections,

She will write melodies of perfections.

Turning me from a boy to a man,

And a man within a man.


She will be the rhythm to which my heart dances,

From the fabrics of our love we will build an empire,

To raise our little Kings and Queens.


About this woman, I will marry,

You can ask my mother,

Because she will be dark and lovely.

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