A Thing Or Two About Poets

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A Thing Or Two About Poets

by Paulsen Mwanza

So you like poetry?
Oh you love poets. Ok!
But have you Taken time to comprehend and understand the two.
Shh silence! Think about it and you will understand it too.
See i know a thing or two about poets, they’ve got a way with words.
I said they get away with words.
Poets know what to talk about, when to talk about and how to talk about it.
See they always bring something to the table and seem to have all the solutions to catastrophes
They solve them so diligently in their minds, build and play the role nicely almost as though it’s the truth when in fact it’s the opposite.
Look i know a thing or two about poets.
Poets don’t talk about it, they think about it. The rest is up to you.
Am no psychic i am also an innocent soul with no clue.
Where all the inspiration to write and match up words so intense and so intriguing comes from one doesn’t know.
I have been there, done that, seen that so believe me when I say that I know a thing or two about poets.
But don’t judge them, they each have a story behind their ego. They each try to run away from reality and choose to isolate themselves in closure away from all the worldly fuss and feuds.
Poets are the perfect masterminds, planning and creating the perfect masterpiece, its real its original but are the facts of the piece authentic.
Poets are liars, they don’t believe in any god. They seem to give many solutions to obvious problems when they themselves are doing little about it.
See i know a thing or two about poets, they live in a fanatic world where fantasy and surreal is at the core.
Poetic inspiration shoots up from nowhere and they start to write, they start to think, they start to ponder, dictionating every word.
Poets make everything around them a piece of their projects. They’ll define you, describe you and finally write you.
Poets are fragile! They want their point heard and if it’s not they hide behind shadows and talk about you with their ego.
Know a thing or two about poets. Why?
Cause I am also… A Poet.

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