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I see human life as a ship at sea, a life on the waves and only the firm built will survive to arrive at the shoreline. This generation is so spiritually slob. I wouldn’t say they have stopped believing in Christ’s coming or everyone doesn’t know Jesus cause I would be lying about what I truly feel. I feel people think He won’t come soon enough to catch them sinning so they have enough time to sin andrepent later on. Wrong perspectives definitely wrong.

This poetry eBook I wrote, “A PIECE OF MY MIND “is a book I am using to show that Jesus is coming ‘any’ day and no one knows when so it’s best if they repent now. This book is exceptional in the way I wrote it. It is not so explicit, so everyone can read and understand. My aim is to reach every lost soul out there with just a piece of my mind filled with nothing but the good news.

UnpredictablePoet –

A Christmas and New Year gift. Happy 2018 🙂


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