A Broken Piece 

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A Broken Piece 

by Chabby Charles

Her Instagram pics always have the hashtag “on fleek”

We all stare with admiration when she speaks

She has a paradisiac physique

But pretends to be happy and complete


So she fakes a smile every time that’s she’s in public

Because what’s worse, to fake a smile or not smile at all?

She used to be so young and so innocent but now she’s a freak

She’s had two abortions after getting pregnant by a control freak,


Who always comes and leaves

Yes all he does is just come and leave…

See… She loves him and he knows it so he takes advantage of it

He tells her all the right words and within seconds he’s right on top of it…


Every other guy who tries to give her a serious relationship

Most likely ends in the friend zone or is used for her financial benefit

Other guys are just there to help her excel in university

She’s turned into a light skinned girl with a black heart, so to speak


She used to be so loving, caring and unique

Undoubtedly God’s masterpiece

Now she’s just the walking deceased

A broken piece… yes! She is nothing but a broken piece

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