56 Illy Bars

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56 Illy Bars

King TMC – 56 Illy Bars

King’s back with another single, just from dropping The Ghetto Nerd, a rap mixtape in which he shows his other side asides from being a Writer, Poet and Spoken word Artist, herein he describes his journey through life.




Ey! Y’all should understand am only gonna do this once, after this I don’t wanna hear things like I can’t rap like as good as this when am as good as it gets nahmean, y’all should really pay more attention to music listen to my soul.
It’s the King Pimpin’
Yeah, hahahahahaha
I brought K.B on this one.

Verse 1.
I could drop a hundred bars, but it won’t get through to them//
Laugh about it anyhow the way am showing my scars, don’t nobody ever do the same//
My rhyming so sublime, but still I am the underdog//
Way ahead of my time, in this lane am like a monologue//
Y’all can keep the validation, they’ll love me for ambition//
This’s the kings speech// preach about the ghetto gospel//
y’all are welcome to my synagogue//
We just wanna be saved from the hell the ghetto took us through//
A few will understand, why I called myself the ghetto nerd//
Illiterate niggaz think my cadence really isn’t good//
Read a lot of books just to uphold my neighbourhood//
Relationships all broken, yeah I blame it on the adulthood//
Am from the oven, this’ a hot pursuit//
Cuz now we chasing after dreams, steady bussin’ watch as I commute//
From the tunnels daily trynna see the light// whoever called me underdog //
Has clearly never seen my bite// it’s why I call myself a King//
cuz non of y’all has seen my fights//
I been up and down, cuz King’s don’t fall,//
they bless the ground and rise again, it’s why nobody can stop me//
never ceasing, never stopping I been through the ghetto//
all these rappers out here braggadocio, none of them can tell the truth//
steady tellin’ lies, listen to the ghetto nerd and you’ll see the truth am preachin’//
unlike these rappers overreaching, y’all should not compare me//
Am from where niggaz spinning yarns, just to make a living//
Sieving through the bustle cuz nothing really comes easy//
King on mission cuz nothing does please me//
Other than success, putting my niggaz on the top//
Yeah ofcourse that’s the only mission, like a cancer on remission//
Now am losing all my hairs (alopecia), bet it’s common with these rappers//
I get freckles on my face just from worrying a lot//
Bet these niggaz will not get it// outchea sayin’ I can’t rap when y’all missing all my bars//
I don’t often floss about me, but this time I gotta say it//
I’m the illest bloody rapper, if you don’t like it then turn it off//
I really do not give a hoot, a weapon with these words I shoot//I never rap about the loot//
My message carry knowledge, yeah ofcourse am always so acute//
A brute that wouldn’t get it, Ghetto nerd my verses’ so astitute//
Am a King with these bars, don’t nobody ever disrepute//
Screeching through the speakers, that’s the eish y’all calling Hip hop now//
I bet Tupac’s turning, Biggy pro’ly has his headsets on//
I been schooling niggaz with these verses, aint nobody ever seen before//
Am a Lion to this beef, all these rappers are just herbivore//
Standing like a tower out in France, bet it’s why these niggaz pray I fall//
A Poet with a mean skill, serve ’em with the real deal// delivering my verses I’ve been pregnant with this wisdom//
Baby on the way, aint got time for beef with niggaz,//because,
Every season is my season, I don’t need to give a reason //eish
It’s why I say am King, Dude I got my reasons,
Capichè! Nigga!

[Hook] Brain so frosty, all my thoughts so chilly (Ey!)
All on my mind is to get like one milli
Niggas talk ish, that’s silly (HA!)
Shawty, he ain’t about that really? (nah) Is he?
Nigga, I’m illy! Haha, haha, haha, hey
Aye, I run this city, clearly (LSK Baby)
Tell ’em get lost, I’m busy, really? Nigga, I’m illy…

Yo! You could rap hard all your life but they ain’t never giving you your crown
You just gotta go out there and get it, so this’ a statement to the real, you feel me
I ain’t talking about none of that inspirational stuff up in here
Y’all can get that from The Ghetto Nerd Mixtape
Watch out for my Album
This’ for me nah am saying?
It’s the King Pimpin’

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